Given recent political events in America, the family in this series of images is uneasy about public exposure being Muslim refugees from the Middle East.  Sadly, they asked that I remove their photos from my website.  Certainly there is no danger for them--and they continue to be welcomed by me and other American friends with open arms.  Nonetheless, I respect their wishes.

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Series Description

They'd just come to America as refugees when I met them.  One month prior they were living Kandahar, Afghanistan.  There are eight of them in all; the youngest child is 4 and the oldest is 17.  Aside from their case worker, they knew no one when they first came, nor did they speak English.

In Afghanistan the father, Hekmatullah, worked as a journalist in radio and television in for 25 years, including five years for Deutsche Welle Radio—Germany's international broadcaster.  The family was increasingly threatened because of his work and support of the US Army.  Over this last year he's struggled to provide for his family, as gainful employment has been seemingly impossible to find.  

This is a series of photographs documenting their first year in America.