Below is a 13 piece mixed media series entitled Grace Disguised, combining film and digital photography with drawing. The work was created from roughly January to November 2008, when Jessie was 22-years-old, during her last year at Georgia College & State University—three years prior to her mother's passing in January 2012.  She spent most of her years in college thinking, discussing, writing, and making art—both drawings and photographs—on her mother's life after many years with a brain tumor, her family's relationship to it, and exploring questions on topic of suffering in general. Each piece holds significance and meaning—some of which is more obvious without explanation than others.

Today she would say that these 13 pieces and the below statement (link) typify her early 20's—both in art-making and in her personal life, which are perhaps interchangeable. They are a marriage of the mediums she worked in throughout the years previous to this series, as well as an amalgamation of individual thoughts and things learned from both failure and the weathering of various storms.

Artist Statement//Click Here